This course provides students with a thorough overview of the Visual System of Work, it's motivation and background, its elements and results as well as some case studies from its use.

Module 1 In Short: What is VSOW?
Unit 1 Brief Description of VSOW  - Preview
Module 2 VSOW Background and History
Unit 1 Background of the VSOW
Unit 2 History of the Visual System of Work
Module 3 Motivation Behind VSOW and Why You Should Use It
Unit 1 Highlights from the VSOW Toolkit
Module 4 The 12 VSOW Tools
Unit 1 Introduction to the 12 VSOW Tools
Unit 2 Tool 1 - Organization Structure
Unit 3 Tool 2 - Strategic Planning Sheet
Unit 4 Tool 3 - Break-Even Point
Unit 5 Tool 4 - The 3 Questions
Unit 6 Tool 5 - Project Planning Sheet
Unit 7 Tool 12 - Throughput Improvement Plan
Module 5 VSOW Case Studies
Unit 1 ABC Construction
Unit 2 Doorjam Cabinetry
Unit 3 The Running Toyota Dealership
Module 6 VSOW Preparation and Start
There are no units in this module.
Module 7 Further VSOW Implementation
There are no units in this module.
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