This course is a collection of materials and concepts pertinent to online learning for this platform.

The course should also help highlight good ideas, gloss over some that are less applicable and provide focus.

Enjoy and give your comments!

Module 1 Course Structuring
Unit 1 What is Instructional Design?
Unit 2 7 Instructional Design Models
Unit 3 The ADDIE Method  - Preview
Unit 4 E-Learning Course Design Checklist
Unit 5 How to Create E-Learning Template that works (2013)
Unit 6 7 Laws of the Learner
Module 2 Content
Unit 1 Aesthetics using Powerpoint (2012)
Unit 2 How to Create a Clear and Engaging Content Outline for Your Course
Module 3 Assessment
Unit 1 7 Strategies for Assessment for Learning
Unit 2 5 Assessment Tips
Module 4 Student Management
Unit 1 WP Courseware Student Management (and some UI updates)
Module 5 Experience and Satisfaction
Unit 1 Online Instruction, E-Learning, and Student Satisfaction: A Three Year Study (2014)
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