VSOW Academy

Learning about VSOW Implementation

Below is a list of available courses

VSOW 101 - Introduction to the Visual System of Work

This course provides students with a thorough overview of the Visual System of Work, it's motivation and background, its elements and results as well as some case studies from its use.

VSOW 202

This is a second course in the VSOW curriculum.  In this, you will see some videos of David presenting principles of the VSOW in conferences and in interviews.

Advanced VSOW - Doing Your Own VSOW Projects

Getting ready to help others benefit from the Visual System of Work.

E-Learning Resources

This is a collection of materials pertinent to making the best courses we can make on this platform.

This should also help to highlight good ideas, gloss over some that are less applicable and know where to focus.

Further, the VSOW Academy will develop its own brand within the VSOW ecosystem.  These principles will help this process.

Enjoy and give your comments!