Are you or your business struggling?

  • I don’t understand who’s doing what.
  • Communication is poor.
  • Employees are not engaged.
  • There’s no way to monitor daily performance.
  • There are conflicting stakeholder needs.
  • I don’t know where the business is going.
  • I have gotten bogged down in plans with little result.
  • If I do not learn how to manage my business, it will fail.

If you don’t act now, things can get worse.

  • Employees will give less effort at work
  • Employee morale will worsen.
  • Projects will continue to be late and over budget.
  • Customers will begin to look to other sources for help.
  • Continued loss of revenue.
  • Personal worry and stress will increase.
  • The business will fail.

Is a new future state possible?

  • Engaged and happy employees.
  • Cooperation between departments.
  • Great working environment.
  • Employees trusting one another at work
  • Satisfied and happy customers.
  • Business is making money and generating cash.
  • Personal health is renewed.
  • The business is respected and admired.

There is a simple, quick solution to your business struggles: VSOW

The Visual System of Work (VSOW) will help you create a transparent, aligned, and accountable business by:

  • Knowing the direction of your business
  • Engaging your employees
  • Making your processes visible
  • Completing projects on time
  • Making money and generating cash

VSOW has helped over 125 small businesses improve quickly

Kathy Fish, President
Fish and Associates
Memphis, TN

Hiring David Lord to help me systematize my business is the single most important and impactful business decision I’ve ever made. With VSOW as a guide, we created a system of work, i.e. workflows, checklists, and processes for every administrative and operational procedure done in our office.

These systems allow us to give every new client that we engage a consistent experience that is thorough and repeatable. It has also allowed us to train new employees quickly and effectively.

The Visual System of Work helped us to look at how businesses operate, as well as the underlying processes they follow – to make the abstract more concrete. I knew I needed that kind of help as I sought to take a 103-year-old company to the next level.

At Dale Carnegie, David helped us integrate our digital operation. He helped me define areas where I could have the greatest impact.  Particularly given that I had come into Dale Carnegie with the goal of making the entire business even more effective, VSOW served as an effective instrument and David served as a valuable partner.

Joe Hart, President/CEO
Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.
Melville, New York

Tim Ross, CEO
Ross Mortgage Corporation
Troy, MI

Imagine – you have an important issue that needs to be addressed that requires your company’s most experienced and creative minds. A great and spirited conversation ensues during which good ideas and potential solutions surface.  Now what?

Enter the 5W-2H. This power-packed tool has made a lasting impact on me and my company. A meeting designed to produce an outcome (What) can no longer be allowed to adjourn without the assignment of specific actions, that support the achievement of the outcome (Why) by the individuals (Who) tasked with its completion. Attached to the task is a date and location designating the individual responsible to report to the team (Where & When). The 5W-2H is an important tool for managing any project to a successful conclusion (How Long) and to confirm that it is delivered within the established budget (How Much).

Now I have the ability to convert conversation into specific actions and results!

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