There is a simple, quick solution to your business struggles:


Can you relate to any of these in your business?

  • Employees do not feel engaged
  • There are conflicting stakeholder needs
  • We don’t know where the business is going
  • We have gotten bogged down in plans with little result
  • No way to monitor everyone’s daily performance.
  • Ideas are good but poorly implemented
  • If I do not learn how to manage my business, it will fail

And do you find yourself pushing these issues off because of a lack of time or not sure where to start?  If these continue you could encounter some of these:

  • Employee morale low, lack of interest, low effort
  • Projects late and over budget
  • Losing customers
  • Losing revenue
  • Business could fail

But if you could address these with a system that works quickly and is simple to use, you will see results:

  • Engaged, happy employees
  • Cooperation between departments
  • Good working environment
  • Employees work in trust with each other
  • Happy customers
  • Business is making money and generating cash
  • Your business is respected in the community

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More about VSOW

VSOWTM was designed to be simple.  Business processes can often be complicated enough without employing complex methods to analyze it.  VSOWTM uses 12 simple tools to assist the process of improving businesses of different sizes, structures and industries.

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David Lord

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Don Springer

Don Springer

Don Springer

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